GMAX GM54 Helmet: The Budget-Friendly Modular

Modular helmets have steadily gained popularity amongst riders over the last few years. The convenience of a flip up front and the safety of a full face helmet are what help make modular helmets a hot item, but, as many know, with convenience comes cost, and a lot of price conscious riders aren’t thrilled about shelling out several hundred dollars for a modular. GMAX has solved this problem by producing a high-quality modular helmet for less than $150! The GMAX GM54 helmet has a lightweight, DOT approved, thermoplastic- alloy shell. Like other modular helmets, the GM54 has a one hand, easy to use, push chin bar mechanism. The face shield is a distortion free, clear, single lens shield; and there is an inner flip tint sun lens with anti-fog coating. The inner flip lens can be raised or lowered with a lever located on the exterior of the helmet. The GM54 has an excellent seal around the shield that helps to reduce wind noise. This GMAX helmet has several intake and exhaust vents. These vents combined with the helmet’s interior styro design supply controlled airflow. The top, side, and rear vents reduce fogging and perspiration by allowing warm air to escape. The adjustable chin vent directs air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging. The interior of the helmet is lined with a coolmax comfort liner and cheekpads. This specialized liner moves moisture away from your face, and the fabric dries quickly; keeping the rider dry and comfortable. The interior is both removable and washable to keep the helmet fresh longer. The cheek pads are adjustable to allow for a more comfortable fit. Some other convenience features for the GM54 helmet include: a large eye port for improved range of vision, deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort, built-in speaker pockets for communications systems, and a newly integrated, multi-function red LED rear light that can be set to remain constantly on, slow blink, or fast blink and increase rider visibility. For any rider looking for an exceptional modular helmet with a reasonable price, the GM54 is the helmet for you. Check out the GMAX54 helmet, GMAX helmets, and other motorcycle helmet options on our website:!

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