Klim’s All New GTX Boot Line!

Klim has introduced three new items in their line of GTX footwear: The Adrenaline Boots, The Transition Boots, and the Incline Shoes. All three have been made with Klim’s GORE-TEX, breathable technology; ensuring that your feet will stay warm and dry.

Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots

The Adrenaline Boots were patterned after the original ‘Adrenaline Boot’, which was the industry’s first snowmobile specific GORE-TEX boot. The Adrenaline boots have plenty of insulated/ cushioned areas to keep your feet both comfortable and warm. The PU mid-sole provides cushion, and the internal EVA foam puts padding on the top and edge of the toes. The boots are insulated with 600 gram thinsulate insulation to increase warmth, but still manage to have a slim, non-bulky profile. A multi-layer substructure constructed from perforated materials increases the boot’s overall breathability. The interior of the Klim Adrenaline GTX boots have a removable, moisture wicking liner, and the laces are high quality, flat anti-slip, and moisture resistant as well. At the base of the boots there is a high grip outsole, and a stiff, durable board to help disperse shock and protect the bottom of the foot. A kicker toe piece resists wear from tunnel bolts. For better movement, ankle cutouts have been incorporated into the design to promote ‘forward flex’.


Klim Transition GTX Boots

The Klim Transition boots are a high quality, lightweight, casual boot, made with action leather for maximum breathability; and a removable directional moisture wicking insole. The Sole of the boots is a hypergrip sole, and has a compressed EVA mid sole. This compressed mid sole is lighter than PU and more durable than a standard EVA sole. For support, the Transition GTX boots have a reinforced rubber toe, as well as mid-ankle support.




Klim Incline GTX Shoes

The Klim Incline GTX Shoes are waterproof, casual shoes, with a hypergrip sole, a compressed EVA mid sole, and a polycarbonate heel stabilizer. Like the Transition boots, the compressed EVA mid sole is lighter than PU and more durable than a standard EVA. The Incline GTX shoes actually have a lot of similarities compared to the Transition boots. Like the reinforced rubber toe, mid ankle support, and removable directional moisture wicking insole. The Incline shoes are also made out of action leather. There are reflective hits on the side and the rear of the shoes. Overall, these shoes are a great choice if you’re looking for a casual shoe that is a little more durable than what you would typically find.


Check out Klim’s GTX boot line, Klim gear, and other riding boot options on our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

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