Fly Racing Trophy Lite Off-Road Helmet

The Tropy Lite is a new off-road helmet from Fly Racing. This Fly Racing helmet meets or exceeds SNELL or DOT standards. It has a completely redesigned shell and interior including a comfortable, “quick snap” liner that is both removable and washable; as well as exciting new graphics with a UV hardened finish for the shell. The Trophy Lite has been incorporated with Fly Racing’s “Flow-Thru” ventilation system which includes the all new “high-flow” mouth piece. The Fly Racing Trophy Lite comes in adult sizes XS-2XL. Check out the Fly Racing Trophy Lite helmet, Fly Racing gear, and other off-road helmet options on our website:!

Joe Rocket Velocity Jacket

The Velocity is a new summer riding jacket design from Joe Rocket. Joe Rocket is known for selling quality merchandise at affordable prices, and the Velocity jacket is no exception. As stated, the Joe Rocket Velocity jacket is a summer riding jacket that’s going to take in plenty of air flow thanks to its FreeAir Mesh shell. The shell is comprised of mesh material on both the front and the back of the jacket, so air will come in at the front and exit through the back, providing great circulation. The jacket is lined with a quick release waterproof liner that is easy to remove, and will keep you dry in cases of mild, inclement weather. For protection, this Joe Rocket jacket has contoured armor at the shoulders and elbows; as well as a removable spine pad with a pocket for optional C.E. spine armor. High density rib padding is also an included protective feature.  For a more customized fit, Joe Rocket has incorporated a 6point SureFit custom adjustment system. There are two outer pockets and one inner pocket for storage. The Velocity has an extended back, as well as belt loops for optional pants attachment. There is reflective piping on the front and back of the jacket for nighttime visibility. Check out the Joe Rocket Velocity Jacket, Joe Rocket motorcycle gear, and other motorcycle jacket options on our website:!

Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves

The Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves have a durable design that allows for more rigorous use in motocross and other motorcycle events. The Coibuss gloves are a part of Sidi’s S.D.S. collection. These products are designed by Sidi’s engineers, but are produced by outside suppliers. Sidi wants to maintain the integrity and value on the Sidi brand for all of their clients and riders while at the same time providing the market with some interesting new products from the new S.D.S. brand. The Sidi Coibuss gloves have been made with a combination of perforated materials and goat suede leather. The high-impact areas are reinforced with an extra layer of goat hide, and the lining is perforated to provide airflow. Some protective features of the Coibuss gloves include: thermoplastic knuckle protection panels, foam padding on the top of the fingers and back of the hand, and double palm stitching. There is an adjustable, Velcro wrist closure, and an elastic panel at the outer base of the thumb for a flexible fit. There are reflective strips on the wrist of the gloves for better visibility. Check out the Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves, Sidi motorcycle gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

The Fox V4 Helmet

The Fox V4 Helmet is a new, off-road helmet made with Pro standards that rival high end Shoei and Arai helmets in terms of its quality. When designing the V4, Fox’s goal was to make a helmet that could not only outperform all other premium dirt helmets, but also be able to go head to head with some of the best helmets on the market.

The Fox V4 has a completely different layout than that of its predecessor the V3. First, the shell of the V4 is constructed completely out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber helmets are some of the lightest on the market, while still meeting or even exceeding necessary safety standards. The V3 was made with fiber glass and carbon fiber, making the V4 notably lighter than the V3 without sacrificing protection. One of the benefits of carbon fiber is its ability to absorb forces of impact better than most other helmet materials; and the fiber weave design of the V4 makes it less likely for objects to be able to penetrate the shell. The V4 has a dual density EPS liner with a dense exterior and a soft interior; providing even better impact protection. The shell of the V4 comes in four different sizes, adding two more sizes than the V3.

  Another note- worthy feature about the Fox V-4 helmet is its extensive ventilation system. With 16 intake vents and eight exhaust ports, this Fox Helmet has one of the most impressive ventilation systems for a dirt helmet. Both the intake and exhaust ports are screened off to allow cool air to flow into the helmet while also keeping out unwanted material and debris, like mud. Due to the amount of vents, air circulates through the helmet even at low speeds. Four large brow vents push air directly onto the brow line; reducing fogging on goggles. To help keep your goggles in place, there are grips on the side of the eye port, as well as a ridge on the rear of the helmet to keep the strap secure. The V4 has a removable, single mouth guard with an integrated roost guard.

The interior of the V4 is fully removable and lined with a moisture wicking DryLex Comfort Liner. The liner has a 3D design with several cut aways throughout to provide the most amount of direct venting to the head. The DryLex is made from a very soft material for extra comfort against your skin, and is antibacterial to keep your helmet fresh longer.  The cheek pads are contoured to create a secure fit; and they are also interchangeable.

The Fox V-4 has been designed with the quality and features that the pros look for. Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, and Ken Roczen are only a few of the professional riders who have worn the Fox V-4 helmet; so if you’re looking for a premium off-road helmet that has been tested and approved by pro riders, the V4 is the helmet for you. The Fox V4 comes in three different styles: The Fox V4 Rockstar, Fox V4 Flight, and Fox V4 Future. Check out the Fox V4 helmet, Fox Racing Gear, and other quality motorcycle helmets on our website:!


V4 “Flight” & V4 “Future”

Tourmaster Vintage Road Boots

The Tourmaster Vintage Road Boots are a great choice for a rider that wants a boot with a classic look. Constructed with 1.8mm-2.0mm water resistant leather, and high tensile strength thread; these boots are very durable and have been built to last. The interior of the boots are lined with soft, pig skin leather for extra comfort. The foot bed of the Vintage Road Boots is removable and features a padded heel cushion as an added comfort feature. Riders will get a good grip with the oil resistant, anti-slip rubber sole.  The toe box has been lowered and reinforced for improved shifting. The Vintage Road boots have a stretch gusset at the opening, as well as a rear pull tab to make it easy to pull the boots on and off.  In conjunction with their ‘vintage’ look, the boots have adjustable, satin chrome buckles that not only look great, but give the rider a customized fit. Check out the Tourmaster Vintage Road Boots, as well as Tourmaster’s other great boot selections: The Tourmaster Nomad 2 boots, The TourMaster Solution WP Air Boots, The Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots , and The Tourmaster Response 2.0 WP Road Boots. Also be sure to take a look at the wide selection of Tourmaster motorcycle gear featuring various jacket and glove selections and other motorcycle boot brand options on our website:!