Sidi Vortice Boots

The Sidi Vortice Boots are CE certified. They’ve been made with Lorica, a synthetic leather-like material that is lighter and more breathable than natural leather. The boots are lined with Teflon vented mesh, with soft Cambrell in the toe area. The rear upper has a Techno Calf Tensioner to provide a custom fit around the calf area. There is also a Techno Shin Tensioner on the front of the upper, and an Instep Tensioner.  The Sidi Vortice Boots have been incorporated with and air ventilation system with adjustment tabs on the toe area and outer lower portion of the boot. In case of a heel impact, there is a shock absorbing, heel cup insert that moves under impact. The sole of the boot is a poly rubber blend with a replaceable center sole insert. In fact, almost all parts on the Vortice Boots can be replaced in the event of damages, or if you just want a custom look. Check out the Sidi Vortice Boots, Sidi riding gear, and other off-road riding boot options on our website:!

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