Sidi Trial Zero Boots

The Sidi Trial Zero Boots have been designed for trial racing. They’ve been made with Lorica, a synthetic leather-like material, and pressed anti-wear split-grain leather to isolate the leg from external heat. The Trial Zero Boots are lined with Cambrelle; a non-woven, synthetic fabric used as lining for many shoes, slippers, and boots. The sole of the Trial Zero Boots is made of rubber, and the tread has been specially designed for improved grip; which is ideal for trial racing. The heel of the boot is rigid, shock-resistant, and has been anatomically molded. To keep out unwanted dirt and debris, there is a spoiler at the top of the boot.  There are deflectors at all impact areas. These Sidi boots have an incorporated dual flex system, with articulated movement above the ankle and pivot point directly at the ankle; giving the rider the best ankle protection and long lasting comfort. Check out the Sidi Trial Zero Boots, Sidi riding gear, and other riding boot options on our website:!

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