Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves

The Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves have a durable design that allows for more rigorous use in motocross and other motorcycle events. The Coibuss gloves are a part of Sidi’s S.D.S. collection. These products are designed by Sidi’s engineers, but are produced by outside suppliers. Sidi wants to maintain the integrity and value on the Sidi brand for all of their clients and riders while at the same time providing the market with some interesting new products from the new S.D.S. brand. The Sidi Coibuss gloves have been made with a combination of perforated materials and goat suede leather. The high-impact areas are reinforced with an extra layer of goat hide, and the lining is perforated to provide airflow. Some protective features of the Coibuss gloves include: thermoplastic knuckle protection panels, foam padding on the top of the fingers and back of the hand, and double palm stitching. There is an adjustable, Velcro wrist closure, and an elastic panel at the outer base of the thumb for a flexible fit. There are reflective strips on the wrist of the gloves for better visibility. Check out the Sidi Coibuss Design Series Gloves, Sidi motorcycle gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

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