This One’s For the Girls:Sidi Veritgo Lei Women’s Boots

The Sidi Veritgo Lei Women’s Boots are visually, very similar to the Sidi Vertigo Boots for men. The one noticeable difference is the flowery detailing along the side of the boots, adding a slight feminine touch to its otherwise aggressive look. The Vertigo Lei boots have been built using a woman’s foot mold. This is going to give female riders an overall better fit, and ladies won’t have to feel like their feet are being swallowed by the larger proportions of men’s boots and even some unisex boots. These boots are great for any style of riding, from street riding to touring, and racing or track days. Like many other Sidi boots, the Lei Boots have been made with Lorica. Lorica is a synthetic, leather-like material that is softer, stronger, and more breathable than natural leather. The lining is a perforated, teflon treated, nylon liner. All high impact areas are double stitched for extra durability. The Vertigo Lei Boots have a couple protection features, toe sliders, ankle sliders, a nylon shin deflector, and shock-absorbing heel protectors (all of which are replaceable). For those with larger calves, the boots have a techno VR adjustable calf system. Some extra features include: closeable air vents, removable arch support, and a dual compound, composite sole.  Check out the Sidi Vertigo Lei Women’s Boots, Sidi Gear, and other women’s off-road boot options on our website:!

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