Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

The Sidi Adventure Rain Boots have been built to last with materials that will keep your feet protected from the elements and possible injury. The boots have been made with top grain leather and Lorica. Lorica is a composite micro fiber material that is lighter, stronger, and has better moisture protection than natural leather skin. The Adventure Rain Boots have a rigid, shock resistant heel that is anatomically shaped for maximum protection.  There is also a Malleolus external guard to enhance protection of small foot bones. The lining of the boots consists of Cambrelle. Cambrelle is a non-woven, synthetic fabric used as lining for many shoes, slippers, and boots. The difference is that Cambrelle has an extremely high absorption rate, excellent breathability and resistance to odor, abrasion and pilling for strength and durability. These Sidi boots have a single flex system upper, and exclusive cam-lock buckle system (replaceable), and removable arch support. Check out the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots, Sidi riding gear, and other riding boots on our website:!

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