ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth Wireless Intercom

The ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth Wireless Intercom enables crystal clear rider to passenger communication. Both rider and passenger devices are able to pair with up to two accessory devices (MP3 player, GPS, cell phone, etc.) simultaneously. S.M.A.R. T. Technology will prioritize the transmission of the accessory devices. Each module is capable of being used as a pair or separately; each module is sold separately. Some interesting features of the ChatterBox XBi include: the Hi-Fi headset with noise suppression, the Li-Pol (lithium polymer) rechargeable battery with 6-8 hours of power, the one hour express charge time, and the XBi’s compact aerodynamic/waterproof design. Each XBi intercom kit includes: one module, the Li-Pol battery, wall charger, headset, and mounting hardware. If you have a modular helmet, you can order the Open Face intercom. Check out the ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth Wireless Intercom, ChatterBox motorcycle communication devices, and other motorcycle communications options on our website:!

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