Chatterbox Duo Wireless Bluetooth Intercom

The Chatterbox Duo Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Communicator is probably the most economical model in the Chatterbox line up in terms of getting the best “bang for your buck”. The Chatterbox Duo offers full duplex connectivity from rider to passenger or rider relay with up to a 100 yard range. Like other Chatterbox communications devices, the Duo is compatible with Bluetooth enabled accessory devices (MP3 Player, GPS, etc.). It is A2DP wireless audio streaming compatible, and has a noise reducing Hi-Fi stereo headset and microphone. You get up to 8 hours of talk time and 20 hours standby. Check out the Chatterbox Duo Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Communicator, Chatterbox communications devices, and other motorcycle communications device options on our website:!

Chatterbox Duo Module Only

2 thoughts on “Chatterbox Duo Wireless Bluetooth Intercom

  1. The Chatterbox Duo says nothing about rider-passenger-ride communication with regards to how many mics this set up comes with…or how many headsets it comes with. I dont want to buy it, only to find out that the RIDER can speak, but the PASSENGER can only listen to the RIDER. It’s not that much information on exactly what this unit does, other than answer calls, play MP3’s via bluetooth, and lets the rider talk to the passenger and to other bikes that have a Chatterbox mic/headset.

    I’m sure my passenger will need a mic to talk back to me, so does this come with a mic for the passenger, as well as for myself????


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