SMH5 Wireless Bluetooth Intercom System

Sena is a company that manufactures products that allow riders to have hassle free communications between themselves and their passengers or other riders. If you’re familiar with the SMH10 Intercom system, the SMH 5 is its predecessor. Its still a great intercom system and significantly cheaper than the new SMH10 (with a decrease in range). The SMH5 has Bluetooth specification V3.0, with an intercom range of 430 yards (400 meters). With the SMH5 you will have hands free mobile phone capability, be able to listen to music from your MP3 player (with music playback controls: play, pause, etc.), and hear voice commands from GPS navigation systems. Each device function can be voice activated and operated. The SMH5 supplies up to 8hrs of talk time and 7 days of standby. It can be used while charging, and is also water resistant. The SMH5 comes with a 2 year warranty and is Firmware upgradable. Check out the Sena SMH5 Single Wireless Bluetooth Intercom System, Sena Products, and other motorcycle communications devices on our website:!

2 thoughts on “SMH5 Wireless Bluetooth Intercom System

    1. Marc, Sorry about the late reply. The sound quality is great on both ends. Reuben was talking to his wife on the phone via bluetooth with this device and she didn’t even notice he was on his bike. The sound is really clear overall.


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