Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots Hi-Viz

The Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots Hi-Viz are the latest edition in the Sidi Crossfire boot line. The Sidi Crossfire SRS boots have been a top choice for off-road riders and adventure riders as well. The Crossfire SRS boots have some of the same features as its predecessor, and some new. First, is the SR Sole “sole replacement” system. This is the markets only fully replaceable sole via screwdriver. The SR Sole system distributes loads from the foot peg across the entire sole. It has a stiffer feel than a TA sole, and has the benefit of presenting a smaller footprint than traditional sewn-on soles; offering less of a “target” on track encounters. Next is the Dual Flex System; This system allows easy movement forward and backward but is extremely strong side to side, giving the rider the best ankle protection and long lasting comfort. It consists of a hinged, dual position, stitch free upper; constructed from injection molded plastic. The Adjustable Calf System allows the rider to change the diameter of the boot at the calf. This accommodates riders with larger calves. The system has an inner plastic plate that is made of two different materials: a rigid plate to support the boot and a heat resistant plate to protect the rider from exhaust heat. All of these components are replaceable. On the heel of the boots, there are three extended ribs that will assist the rider in making upshifts when starting a race. This heel area is rigid, shock resistant, and anatomically shaped for maximum protection. Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design. Booties tend to make the design larger and cumbersome; adding to the thickness of the boot. This interferes with shifting, plus, the inner booties retain body heat; affecting the rider’s performance and comfort. Sidi’s exclusive cam-lock buckle system is known as one of the best systems on the market. The cam-lock buckle system uses a strap memory retention which will allow the rider to have to adjust the straps only once, and they will stay in the same position. The toe area on the Sidi Crossfire SRS boots is covered with plastic to protect the seams and base material against abrasion. There is also a shift and break lever guard on the top of each foot. Each boot is equipped with an anti-heat, undressed leather protection panel. The interior of the boot has a removable, cushioned, Composite Insole liner. Sidi uses the Composite Insole instead of a typical steel shank because the shank can deteriorate, rust, and fracture; potentially causing injury. The exterior of the Crossfire SRS boots have been constructed with a Lorica outer.  Lorica is a composite micro fiber material that is lighter, stronger, and has better moisture protection than natural leather skin. The interior is lined with Cambrelle; a non-woven, synthetic fabric used as lining for many shoes, slippers, and boots. Cambrelle is moisture wicking and odor resistant. The Crossfire SRS boots also come in two other options: The Sidi Crossfire SRS Red White boots and the Sidi Crossfire SRS TA boots. Check out the Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots Hi-Viz, Sidi gear, and other off-road boot options on our website:!

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