XR1R Nexx Helmet Review

Nexx Helmets is a Portugal based, high-end helmet company that specializes in European style and design. They’ve been around for about 10 years, and have produced some very unique, premium merchandise. This article will focus on one of their models: the Nexx XR1R.

Neon Orange Hi-Vis

The first thing to notice about this model is that it is incredibly lightweight. It comes in two different shell types: The Tricomposite Shell, and the Full Carbon Shell. The tricomposite is composed of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon-fiber. It weighs in at 1300g. The full carbon shell is even lighter, weighing a mere 1200g. Both shell types come in some great color and graphic options.  The tricomposite shell will be on the lower end of spectrum in terms of pricing, but are still exceptional products. Its aggressive ventilation, unique shell shape, and large, unrestricted eyeport, set it apart from many other modular helmets. The tricomposite comes in various solid color options (Black, Grey, Orange, Titanium, White, and Yellow). The solid colors retail for $419. It also comes in a High-Vis Neon Orange option. The tricomposite has four graphics options as well. The Nexx Blade, $459, The Nexx Café Racer, $459, The Nexx Champion, and the Nexx Motion.



The Full Carbon Shell is a little pricier than the Tricomposite, but with its top of the line details and features, you clearly get what you pay for. The XR1R Carbon has a seamless carbon shell.  Like the tricomposite, this model is also very lightweight, with metal accents, and metal grill vents. It comes in a black, red, and white color option; as well as a grey version. It retails for $599. And finally, the most unique helmet in the XR1R line is the Nexx XR1R Diablo. This helmet is wrapped entirely in treated, waterproof leather. If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from every other rider, the Diablo is the helmet for you. Its retail price is $699.


It’s clear that Nexx has some quality products that are not only built to last, but also have eye catching, provocative, graphics and design. Check out the XR1R and other Nexx products on our website CompetitionAccessories.com!

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