Bell Mag 9 Helmet

  The Bell Mag 9 is an open-face helmet that can be worn in various configurations: with and without the face shield, with or without the visor, there are plenty of possibilities depending on your preference. The Mag 9 has an aggressive, aerodynamic shape. The spoiler lip on the back of the helmet, and the integration of the face shield and the visor, each allow air to have a clean flow through and around the Bell Mag 9. Despite being an open-face helmet, the Mag9 has been designed for performance. It has a full coverage face shield that has been anti-fog coated with Bell’s “Neutra-Fog II” system. There is also a spring loaded, internal dropdown sun shield.

For ventilation, The Mag9 has adjustable, RAM air scoop intake vents. These vents catch air that comes through the visor, and force it down into the helmet.  There are also two rear exhaust vents to push warm air out, and static vents at the base of the helmet as well.

As previously stated, The Bell Mag 9 can be configured a number of different ways. It has several adjustable and or removable parts. The visor peak can easily be removed as well as the lever for the dropdown sun shield. But, if you would like to use the helmet without the visor and still have the ability to adjust the sun shield, the helmet comes with side pods that will reattach the lever.

The interior of the Mag9 is also fully removable. The liner is made of a micro-fiber suede, making it soft and comfortable against the skin. The crown liner is composed of suede and an open air mesh. There are also cutout openings that provide great ventilation. The Mag 9 comes with 3 different EPS liners to give you a custom fit. There are cutouts in the interior of the helmet where you can install speakers or a communications system.

Check out the Bell Mag 9 helmet, and other Bell products on our website at!


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