Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots

The Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots have been a very popular design for Sidi, and for a good reason. This off-road boot offers plenty of features that riders are looking for. The Sidi Crossfire boots have been constructed with quality materials such as Lorica and Cambrelle, to make them durable and make them last. Lorica has been used on the outer of the boot. It is a composite micro fiber material created from strands less than one thousandth the thickness of silk. When injected with special resins, these fibers act like natural leather skin, but have better strength, softer texture, lighter weight and better moisture protection. Cambrelle is a lining that guarantees a quick drying rate after the boot gets wet or sweaty. This prevents the onset of mold forming which lengthens the boot’s lifespan dramatically. The Teflon treated mesh panels in the rear calf area of the boot allow humidity to escape while the boot is in use.

In Crossfire SRS, the SRS stands for “sole replacement” system. The Crossfire SRS has the markets only fully replaceable sole via a standard screw driver and the SR quarter turn screws. This system helps to better distribute loads from the foot peg fully across the entire sole. The SR sole has a stiffer feel than the TA sole, or other sewn-on soles. The Crossfire SRS boots have a “dual flex system”. This allows easy movement forward and backward, but is extremely strong side to side. This provides the rider with the best ankle protection, and long lasting comfort. The hinged, dual position, stitch-free upper is constructed from injection-molded plastic. The “adjustable calf system” changes the diameter of the boot at the calf, to accommodate riders with larger legs. The inner plastic plate in this system is made of two different materials; a rigid one to support the boot and a heat resistant one to protect the rider’s leg from exhaust heat. All components of this system are replaceable and available in a wide variety of colors. On the heel of the Crossfire SRS boots there are three extended ribs that help the rider make upshifts their heel when starting a race. The heel is rigid, shock resistant, and anatomically shaped for maximum protection. Many other boots have an inner “bootie” incorporated into their design, but these Sidi Boots do not have an inner bootie. Booties tend to make the design larger and cumbersome. They also add to the boot’s thickness, which interferes with shifting. The buckle system on the crossfire boots are Sidi’s exclusive cam-lock buckle system. The cam-lock buckle system uses a strap memory retention system; you only have to adjust the straps once and they will stay in place for every ride.  The toe box is narrow, allowing the rider to easily get underneath the shifter.

The toe area is also covered with plastic to protect the base material and seams against potential abrasion.  Like other Sidi boots, The Crossfire SRS is equipped with an anti-heat undressed leather protection panel at the same height of most motorcycle’s exhaust heat shields. Unlike many riding boots, Sidi does not use steel shanks in its insole. A steel shank can deteriorate, rust, and fracture subjecting the rider to potential injury.  As you can see, the Crossfire SRS boots have plenty of amazing features that make it one of the best off-road boots on the market. Be sure to take a look at the all new Sidi Crossfire SRS Hi-Viz, also check out the Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots, Sidi Motorcycle Boots, and other off-road boot options on our website:!

Sidi Abiss Gloves

The Sidi Abiss Gloves have been made with Nyspan Stretch fabric and Condura 500 denir windproof panels. There is also a waterproof liner and auto-lock waterproof zipper at the wrist to help keep your hands dry when you’re riding in inclement weather. Sidi has incorporated a three-layer thermal liner, making the Abiss Sidi’s warmest glove. The Abiss gloves have a couple safety features such as the reinforced cowhide palm and inner fingers, as well as the light padding on the knuckles and back of the fingers. The adjustable wrist strap and elastic material on the back of the wrist both give the gloves a more flexible fit. There are extensive reflective strips throughout for nighttime visibility. Check out the Sidi Abiss Gloves, Sidi gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

Sidi Vortice Boots

The Sidi Vortice Boots are CE certified. They’ve been made with Lorica, a synthetic leather-like material that is lighter and more breathable than natural leather. The boots are lined with Teflon vented mesh, with soft Cambrell in the toe area. The rear upper has a Techno Calf Tensioner to provide a custom fit around the calf area. There is also a Techno Shin Tensioner on the front of the upper, and an Instep Tensioner.  The Sidi Vortice Boots have been incorporated with and air ventilation system with adjustment tabs on the toe area and outer lower portion of the boot. In case of a heel impact, there is a shock absorbing, heel cup insert that moves under impact. The sole of the boot is a poly rubber blend with a replaceable center sole insert. In fact, almost all parts on the Vortice Boots can be replaced in the event of damages, or if you just want a custom look. Check out the Sidi Vortice Boots, Sidi riding gear, and other off-road riding boot options on our website:!

All New Cycle Case Hi-Vis Luggage Line!

‘The Expander’

Cycle Case is one of the leaders of the motorcycle luggage industry. Their products are designed to accommodate every type of rider, and all of their merchandise is made with quality materials. Cycle Case has introduced an all new line of Hi-Viz luggage that not only looks great, but is sure to keep you noticed on the road. The line consists of three tank bags: the cycle case compact, the cycle case rider, and the cycle case expander (designed for those taking long trips). Each of these tank bags is available in a magnetic or strap mount, and has a GPS cutout perfect for holding a navigation device, ipod, or other small electronic equipment. Also included in the new Cycle Case luggage line is the Rider backpack (ideal for those with sport bikes), Rider tailbag, and Rider saddlebag. All of these bags come with a five year warranty. Check out the new Hi-Viz Cycle Case luggage line, Cycle Case bags, and other motorcycle luggage options on our website:!

‘Rider Saddlebag’

Sidi Trial Zero Boots

The Sidi Trial Zero Boots have been designed for trial racing. They’ve been made with Lorica, a synthetic leather-like material, and pressed anti-wear split-grain leather to isolate the leg from external heat. The Trial Zero Boots are lined with Cambrelle; a non-woven, synthetic fabric used as lining for many shoes, slippers, and boots. The sole of the Trial Zero Boots is made of rubber, and the tread has been specially designed for improved grip; which is ideal for trial racing. The heel of the boot is rigid, shock-resistant, and has been anatomically molded. To keep out unwanted dirt and debris, there is a spoiler at the top of the boot.  There are deflectors at all impact areas. These Sidi boots have an incorporated dual flex system, with articulated movement above the ankle and pivot point directly at the ankle; giving the rider the best ankle protection and long lasting comfort. Check out the Sidi Trial Zero Boots, Sidi riding gear, and other riding boot options on our website:!