The Schuberth S2 Helmet

If you are looking for a premium touring helmet, you should check out the Schuberth S2! The Schuberth S2 helmet is a top of the line helmet with advanced features. Due to its level of quality, the S2 is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but if you consider all of the benefits that the S2 provides, you will see that this helmet is one of the best that money can buy and it’s worth every penny.

The outer shell of the Schuberth S2 is a combination of excellent protection and aerodynamic design. It was produced using Schuberth’s “compression molding process”. This gives the helmet stability while also keeping its weight down. This is beneficial because a lighter helmet will reduce the chances of fatigue while riding. The shell of the S2 was made with Schuberth’s “S.T.R.O.N.G. Fibre”. This is a glass fibre with an added special resin that is compressed in a vacuum; making the helmet exceptionally strong and durable. The shell comes in two sizes.

The interior of the shell has been incorporated with special EPS foam. This foam is going to ensure optimal shock absorption. Due to the foam’s complex segmentation, not only will you have enhanced shock absorption, but also enhanced force distribution. All of these qualities are going to guarantee maximum safety.  The liner of the S2 was developed in accordance with the ‘Custom Fit Concept’. This ensures that the helmet will sit comfortably and securely in all situations. The lining is a combination of COOLMAX, Thermocool materials, and Interpower coatings that provide the liner with an efficient moisture removal and cooling system.  The COOLMAX padding is completely removable, washable, and anti-bacterial. This is going to ensure that the helmet will stay fresh, and last longer than the typical lower-end helmet. The Schuberth S2 fastens using a micro-lock ratchet lock. There are also fit adjustments on both sides of the chinstrap that will provide a precise setting of the chinstrap length.

At the nape of all Schuberth helmets, there are “reflex pads”. These pads are silver patches of reflective material that allow the rider to be seen in darker riding conditions, thus improving their overall safety.

For better visibility, The Schuberth S2 comes with a pin-lock system. The pin-lock will help to reduce fogging on the face shield by using Schuberth’s “double glazing technology”. The S2’s EasyChange visor mechanism makes changing face shields quick and easy. There are three other face shield visors that can be placed on the S2. The light smoke, dark smoke, and iridium rainbow mirrored visor. All three are pin-lock ready.

Like many other helmets by Schuberth, the S2 has been incorporated with A.R.O.S. (Anti-Roll Off System).  This system makes sure that the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted. A.R.O.S. ensures that the helmet will not fall off the head from behind, that the risk of contact between the chin bar and the rider’s chin/throat is minimized, and that the consequences of the helmet coming into contact with the rider’s chest are reduced.

The S2 has been equipped with high performance aerodynamics. It has been specifically set for tour riding/ sport tour riding, and still remains stable in the air flow. The special shape of the helmet shell provides greatly enhanced contact pressure. The helmet has practically no upward lift, even at higher speeds.  The S2 is directionally stable, and has no buffeting.

One big selling point of the Schuberth S2 helmet is that it is remarkably quiet. A loud helmet that picks up a lot of wind noise can greatly increase the level of fatigue for the rider, so a quiet helmet is extremely beneficial. The Schuberth S2 has been wind tunnel tested to ensure that it has the best aeroacoustics. The S2 has a comprehensive acoustics package that includes: an optimized helmet shell shape, wind deflector, and specialized shape of the neck padding. These features combined make the S2 one of the quietest helmets on the market right now.  It tested at 85db(A) at 100km per hour (with a naked bike).

The Schuberth S2 has an innovative ventilation system. The multipath channels in the EPS foam shell, and head, chin, and mouth ventilation areas guarantee fresh air distribution throughout the entire helmet. There are several intake vents, as well as a few exhaust vents. The forehead vent is adjustable and provides multiple levels of air intake. The exhaust vents create an area of low pressure behind the helmet, and effectively extracts warm air out of the helmet.

The S2 is equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System. This includes a fully integrated intercom system between the rider and a passenger, bike-to-bike intercom, intercom conference mode for 3 bikers, mobile phone, MP3, and GPS connection, and integrated VHF radio with RDS. The helmet comes with two built in antennas to boost reception and Bluetooth connection. This system provides optimum reception at all times.

The Schuberth S2 is without a doubt a remarkable helmet loaded with only the best features and accommodations while also maintaining a high level of protection and safety. Check out the Schuberth S2 helmet and other Schuberth products on our website:!

Available in the following Solid colors:

Bell Revolver Helmet Evolves into Revolver EVO

The Bell Revolver Evo is an upgrade from the original Bell Revolver. Both models retain roughly the same shape and ventilation system. The Evo has an aerodynamic design, and is fairly compact for a modular helmet. The Revolver and the Revolver Evo have a lot of features that can be found in Bell’s premium road race helmet, “The Bell Star”. They are both designed to reduce any buffeting or lift that you might experience while riding at higher speeds.  The gasket seal on the Evo has been better designed to reduce wind noise and keep out unwanted moisture.  All of Bell’s helmets use the same shield system making the shields interchangeable; including race helmet shields. The “Click Release Shield Change Mechanism” makes shield removal simple and easy. The face shield is “Neutra-Fog II” coated, and a micro-ratcheting face plate mechanism allows you to position the shield wherever you want throughout the range.

Bell Star Helmet
Revolver Evo Hi-Vis


Like the Revolver, the Evo has an internal drop down sun visor, but the Evo has a smoother sliding mechanism.  The visor is great for rides that transition from day to night. One new feature in the Revolver Evo that is not found in the original is the chin curtain. This helps to prevent unwanted air from coming into the helmet.


The Bell Revolver Evo uses Bell’s “Velocity Flow Ventilation System”. There is a large chin bar vent, and a removable breath deflector. The breath deflector is a great tool for winter weather to keep your breath off the face shield, and prevent fogging. There are two adjustable RAM air scoops that are positioned high on the helmet, and two exhaust vents. These vents will not only draw warm air out of the helmet, but they will also help to stabilize the helmet at speed. There are a few static vents towards the base of the helmet as well. The inside of the Evo has foam strips underneath the liner, on the top of the helmet. These straps create air channels that provide plenty of air flow to the top of the head.

The interior of the Revolver EVO has a fully removable liner. The cheek pads have a cut out for a communications system, and there is a speaker recess in the interior of the helmet. The Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper will hold the chin strap, and keep it in place for easy access. The Bell Revolver Evo Helmet is DOT approved, and will appeal to a wide variety of riders. Check out the Evo and other Bell products on our website: Competition!

Revolver Evo Rally
Revolver Evo Scratch Pin Stripe

Alpinestars Oxygen Air Over-Pants

The Oxygen Air Pants are new, lightweight over-pants from Alpinestars. These pants are perfect for wearing over jeans or riding pants to give you extra protection. The pants are composed of mesh material, to provide airflow; and 600 denir fabric over impact areas. The inside of the pants are lined with nylon mesh. There are adjustable straps on either side of the waist to give you a comfortable fit. There is also stretch material over the knees and across the lower back for added comfort and flexibility. For protection, there is CE armor over the knees, and a light, foam padding over the hips. As an added convenience, the Oxygen Air Over-Pants have lower leg zippers that make it easy to remove and/or put on boots. The pants have a simple zipper and slide hook closure. There is also a pants connection zipper inside of Alpinestars Pants to connect to any compatible Alpinestars jacket. There are two front pockets for storage, and reflective piping along the side of the pants for nighttime visibility. Check out the Alpinestars Oxygen Air Over-Pants and other Alpinestars products on our website:!


The Scorpion EXO-100

The Scorpion EXO-100 is an open-face style helmet with plenty of extra features that set it apart from other, less expensive models. First you have the light smoke, retractable, internal visor that will not only protect your eyes, but is also beneficial if you’re riding in particularly bright conditions. The visor peak does a great job of sun protection as well. The interior is lined with Scorpion’s “Qwick Wick” liner, a soft moisture wicking material, and it’s removable. There is a small intake vent at the front of the helmet for ventilation. If you’re riding in cooler conditions, Scorpion has incorporated the “neck curtain”; a curtain of fabric at the base of the head that works as extra insulation. It’s also removable. The Scorpion EXO100 comes in various graphics and colors, and is a great selection if you’re looking for an open face helmet that goes the extra mile .


The AGV Sport Laguna Gloves

The AGVSport Laguna Gloves are a full length, sport-racing glove. They’ve been built with premium, abrasion resistant, cowhide leather. There are several reinforced areas that provide extra strength and durability. The palm, thumb, and outer portion of the little finger are reinforced with leather. For protection, there are extra palm pads positioned on the base and outside of the palm; as well as shock absorbing impact pads on the wrist. The knuckles are covered by carbon fiber armor with shock absorbing memory foam. All of the high impact areas of the glove are double stitched. The Laguna gloves have been built for not only protection, but comfort. Thanks to the double finger vents, and perforated leather between the fingers, this glove is sure to get maximum air flow. There are pre-curved fingers for a snug and comfortable fit, and a pleated leather panel is used in the upper hand to provide flexibility and reduce binding. There are two Velcro closures. One is a fit adjustment strap, and the other is a simple closure strap on the cuff of the glove. Despite being in a lower price range, these AGV Sport Gloves are a quality product, and a fan favorite. They beat out their much more expensive competitors in the “Motorcyclist’s Gauntlet Shoot Out” competition, taking the prize over popular brands that were selling for much higher prices (“Alpinestars GP Plus” @ $189.95 and “Dainese Full Metal Racer” @ $349.95). The Laguna gloves are clearly a great combination of a quality product with a budget-friendly price. Check out the AGVSport Laguna Gloves and other AGV Sport gear on our website:!