Continental Conti Attack SM Supermoto Tires

 Conti Attack SM supermoto tires are a good fit on most superbike brands. The newly developed Black Chili tread compound give the tires a cold grip, quick warm up, and extended mileage for long wear. The compound was specially designed for supermoto riding    These Continental Tires are a high performance, street legal, supermoto tire.  They have extremely light handling and amazing grip curve stability. The Conti Attack Tires have Continuous Compound Technology which ensures high mileage and maximum grip in extreme lean angles. The action Skin provides an extremely safe and short tire break-in. This is possible due to the revolutionary raw tread surface, which is the result of a new mold coating technology that eliminates the need for tire-release agents. The front tire and the rear tire are sold separately. Check out the Continentsal Conti Attack SM Supermoto Radial Tires and other Continental Tires products on our website :!

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