AirHawk R Provides Seat Relief

The AirHawk R has the same weight distribution tactics as the AirHawk 2, but with a couple new features. Like the AirHawk 2, the AirHawk R is comprised of interconnected air cells. When pressure is put on a certain point, air is dispersed evenly, causing the rider to sit just above the seat of the motorcycle. This gets rid of the troublesome pressure points that most riders experience.  What sets the AirHawk R apart from the AirHawk 2 are the material and the shape.  The cushion of the AirHawk R is made of a neoprene rubber. This material is a little more durable than the polyurethane found in the AirHawk 2. Also, The R has a front notch and an open center. This gets rid of pressure on the tailbone, and prostate areas. For sport bikes with thinner seats, the front notch will fit right against the tank, and you’ll get plenty of extra padding. The AirHawk can adjust to almost every bike. The AirHawk R comes with elastic straps for easy attachment. Check out the AirHawk R, and the AirHawk 2 on our website:!

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