Speed & Strength SS700 Helmet: Modest Price for Bold A Helmet

The Speed & Strength SS700 Helmet is a very affordable helmet in the $80-$100 range. It comes in a variety of graphics and colors such as the “Top Dead Center“, the “Trial by Fire“, and the “Go for Broke“. The SS700 is fairly lightweight at 3.25lbs. It has an advanced thermo, poly-alloy shell, and uses Speed and Strength’s “Air Strike” ventilation system. There is a chin bar vent with a breath deflector, two adjustable intake vents, and a few exhaust vents as well. The exhaust vents will create a low pressure area towards the back of the head that will push warm air out of the helmet, and keep you cool. The crown liner has an open design that allows even more air to flow to the top of the head. The unique shell shape of the SS70 gives it extra aerodynamic qualities; creating air channels that cause incoming air to flow in a direct location. The Speed and Strength ss700 has a large, removable face shield that provides unrestricted vision. The face shield creates a good seal around the gasket when in the closed position. This reduces wind noise and prevents unwanted moisture from getting into the helmet. The interior of the helmet is moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and fully removable.  The chin strap is a European style, quick release ratchet strap that is easy to operate while wearing gloves. Not only is it more convenient than a typical D-ring strap, but it also has the same strength as a D-ring. Check out the Speed and Strength SS700 and other Speed & Strength products on our website at CompetitionAccessories.com!

Trial By Fire
Top Dead CenterGo For Broke



Go For Broke


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