Bell Moto 9 Helmet: “Hello Moto”

Moto 9 Tilt


For Motocross, Supercross, and Arenacross, The Bell Moto 9 is a great choice if you’re looking for a high end, off-road helmet. The Moto 9 is an upgrade from the Moto 8 with plenty of new features. First, the shell shape has been completely redesigned. Whereas the Moto 8 used molded plastic on the back of the shell for ventilation, the Moto 9 has everything already integrated into the shell. Manufactured using Bell’s “TriMatrix Shell Construction”, the shell of the Moto9 is composed of a Kevlar, Carbon-fiber, and Fiberglass mix; making it strong, sturdy, and lightweight.

The Moto 9 has been incorporated with Bell’s “Velocity Flow Ventilation System”. This system works in conjunction with the visor peak to create optimum air circulation. While riding, air is harvested underneath the visor and directed into vents at the top of the helmet, which is then directed to the top of the head, as well as the temples. The visor peak is a fly bridge visor with tabs that can be hand adjusted to change the visor height. The chin bar has a large center intake vent with a mesh screen and foam mesh to keep out dirt. There is also a ventilated roost guard. The rear of the helmet has several exhaust vents that will do a great job of pushing warm air out of the helmet. There are static vents at the base of the helmet as well.

The interior of the Bell Moto 9 is composed of Bell’s “X-Static Silver Lining”. This lining is removable, and made of a durable, moisture wicking fabric that will be sure to last. The cheek pads are attached using Bell’s “Magnefusion Magnetic System”. This system makes it very easy to remove the pads; which is a definite plus in the event of an emergency. One feature that you won’t find in typical, lower end helmets are the removable chin strap covers. This makes the straps easy to wash and can help keep your helmet fresh. The Moto 9 is compatible with Shock Doctor’s Eject System. This is an airbag system that will go underneath the 3-D crown liner. A small hose will run from the crown of the head to the base of the helmet. Emergency personnel will be able to inflate the air bag with the hose to gradually push the helmet off of the head, applying little to no pressure on the neck.  The chin bar is completely lined with EPS, which will give you extra protection in the event that you have a frontal impact.

Over all, the Bell Moto 9 is without a doubt a premium helmet choice for off-road riders. Popular motocross rider, James Stewart was consulted in the design of the Moto 9, so it definitely has the components that any off-road rider would want or look for in a helmet. Check out the Bell Moto9 helmet and other Bell products at our website:!

Moto 9 Legacy
Moto 9 Unit Hot Yellow

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