AXO Q-GT Boots

If you’re looking for a full length, lightweight, riding boot, the AXO Q-GT boots are a great choice for you.  The AXO Q-GT boots are composed of a leather upper, and flexible, abrasion resistant nylon. The inside is lined with a WaterTech internal membrane that is breathable, moisture wicking, and anti-bacterial. The sole of the boots is AXO’s injection molded sole. It has a smooth profile, and won’t catch on your bike pegs. The sole also has plenty of grip, in case you’re riding in wet conditions. There is a reinforced area over the toe for when you shift. A convenient feature of the AXO Q-GT boots is their subtle styling. For those who commute to school or work, you can wear them underneath jeans or pants, and it won’t be overtly obvious that you’re wearing motorcycle boots. There is reflective piping on the back for nighttime visibility, and there is a zipper and Velcro closure.


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