Bell Pit Boss Helmet

The Pit Boss is a shorty-style helmet from Bell. Most shorty helmets tend to sit high on the head, but the Pit Boss has been designed to sit lower, giving you great coverage. The Pit Boss comes with a clear, drop down internal visor. You can also install a dark smoke visor as well. The visor is convenient eye protection in case you choose not to wear glasses or goggles. The shell of the Pit Boss is made with Bell’s “TriMatrix Shell Construction”. This is a mixture of Kevlar, Fiberglass, and Carbon-Fiber, making for a strong, lightweight shell. The interior is lined with a plush material for added comfort. There is a removable, combination neck and ear curtain with openings at the ears to insert speakers.  At the back of the helmet is a speed dial adjustment system that can be changed to create a more custom fit, and also cradle the back of the head to keep the helmet from lifting at higher speeds.  Check out the Bell Pit Boss and other Bell products on our website at:!

Pit Boss Checkers
Pit Boss Flame

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