The Schuberth C3: A Premium Touring Helmet

For touring riders looking for the optimum helmet, the Schuberth C3 is an excellent choice. This light-weight, aerodynamic helmet is in a higher price range than most modular helmets, but considering   its benefits and features, you truly get what you pay for. The C3 is ECE 2205 certified and DOT  approved, meeting necessary safety requirements. Its fit and finish is exceptional; with tight tolerance where the chin bar interfaces with the helmet, and also where the face shield seals around the gasket. This greatly reduces the amount of wind noise while riding. The shell of the Schuberth is made from their “S.T.R.O.N.G” fiberglass which is composed of a glass fiber material that has been compressed in a vacuum, making an overall durable, sturdy shell.

In terms of visibility, the Schuberth is multi-faceted; with various components that optimize your vision. For example, the Internal Sun Shield Visor is anti-fog coated, which can be helpful in various weather conditions.  The visor is easy to operate by a simple slider on the side of the helmet, and it is also replaceable. The external visor is a pin-lock ready shield. The pin-lock creates a dual pane effect, which is fantastic for eliminating fogging. The face shield is easy to romove. One attribute that coincides with peak visibility is proper ventilation. The C3 has several outlets to give it premium ventilation. There is a chin bar vent that draws air into the front of the helmet, and directs it up, onto the face shield.  There is also an intake vent on the top of the helmet. This is designed for a more “up-right” riding position. The intake vent has a slider switch with two positions that can either partially, or fully open the vent. And finally, there are exhaust vents underneath the neck roll.

The Schuberth C3 helmet has plenty of extra safety components.  The C3 was made with Schuberth’s  A. R.O.S. (Anti-Roll-Off-System). This is an additional strap that is attached to the chin strap, and sits along the back of the helmet. This strap helps to prevent the helmet from rolling off in the event of an accident. Another helpful feature is the rounded chin bar. This is to prevent a possible chest injury in case the helmet is ever thrust forward onto the chest. The chin bar mechanism is very easy to operate with a simple pull tab to either raise it to the upright position or bring it down to the closed position. It has a solid, positive detent at the top of the helmet to hold the chin bar up securely while in the upright position. The chin strap of the C3 is a European style ratchet strap that provides a secure fit.

The C3 helmet has an anti-noise neck roll designed to cut down on outside noise. There is also a chin curtain that fits directly underneath the chin that will aid in noise prevention as well. Both of these features are a part of Schuberth’s “aero-acoustic” design.  For those interested in communications systems, there is a Bluetooth neck roll option that comes with speakers and a boom mic, all wired into the roll. One very useful attribute about the interior of the Schuberth C3 helmet is that it is all completely removable; this is very convenient should something need to be cleaned or replaced.

The C3 comes in another variation called the C3W. This model is engineered specifically for women to accommodate their particular head shape. It’s lined with CoolMax, a moisture wicking interior typically found in higher end helmets. There is also a tech skin lining over the coolmax that provides a soft, comfortable feel.



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