The Scorpion EXO-100

The Scorpion EXO-100 is an open-face style helmet with plenty of extra features that set it apart from other, less expensive models. First you have the light smoke, retractable, internal visor that will not only protect your eyes, but is also beneficial if you’re riding in particularly bright conditions. The visor peak does a great job of sun protection as well. The interior is lined with Scorpion’s “Qwick Wick” liner, a soft moisture wicking material, and it’s removable. There is a small intake vent at the front of the helmet for ventilation. If you’re riding in cooler conditions, Scorpion has incorporated the “neck curtain”; a curtain of fabric at the base of the head that works as extra insulation. It’s also removable. The Scorpion EXO100 comes in various graphics and colors, and is a great selection if you’re looking for an open face helmet that goes the extra mile .


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