The AGV Sport Laguna Gloves

The AGVSport Laguna Gloves are a full length, sport-racing glove. They’ve been built with premium, abrasion resistant, cowhide leather. There are several reinforced areas that provide extra strength and durability. The palm, thumb, and outer portion of the little finger are reinforced with leather. For protection, there are extra palm pads positioned on the base and outside of the palm; as well as shock absorbing impact pads on the wrist. The knuckles are covered by carbon fiber armor with shock absorbing memory foam. All of the high impact areas of the glove are double stitched. The Laguna gloves have been built for not only protection, but comfort. Thanks to the double finger vents, and perforated leather between the fingers, this glove is sure to get maximum air flow. There are pre-curved fingers for a snug and comfortable fit, and a pleated leather panel is used in the upper hand to provide flexibility and reduce binding. There are two Velcro closures. One is a fit adjustment strap, and the other is a simple closure strap on the cuff of the glove. Despite being in a lower price range, these AGV Sport Gloves are a quality product, and a fan favorite. They beat out their much more expensive competitors in the “Motorcyclist’s Gauntlet Shoot Out” competition, taking the prize over popular brands that were selling for much higher prices (“Alpinestars GP Plus” @ $189.95 and “Dainese Full Metal Racer” @ $349.95). The Laguna gloves are clearly a great combination of a quality product with a budget-friendly price. Check out the AGVSport Laguna Gloves and other AGV Sport gear on our website:!

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