Speed & Strength Jacket and SS1000 Helment Closeout!!

Fame & Fortune

Check out our Closeout Sale on the Speed & Strength SS1000 helmets and jacket. The SS1000 helmets come in two different graphics: The “Fame & Fortune” and the “My Motorcycle is My Weapon” graphic; which has a matching jacket. The Speed & Strength SS1000 Fame & Fortune helmet is guaranteed to catch the eye with its detailed, vintage tattoo, ‘Maltese Cross’ graphic. The SS1000 “My Motorcycle is My Weapon” helmet is sure to get people talking, with its bold type and ‘CrossHair Target’ graphic. Both Speed & Strength helmets have been incorporated with an A.T.P.A. (Advanced Thermo Polly-Alloy) Shell. They have an aggressive ventilation system Speed & Strength calls their ‘AirStrike direct course ventilation system’; with two brow vents, a top center, adjustable intake vent, and a chin bar vent. There is also a rear exhaust vent to expel warm air out of the helmet. The SS1000helmet has an optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV resistant face shield. The ‘Lock N Load Rapid Conversion Shield’ is easy to remove and or replace. These SS1000 helmets have a Coolmax liner that is removable, washable, and moisture wicking. The SS1000meets or exceeds ECE 2205 and D.O.T. standards. The Fame and Fortune comes in either black or white, and the My Motorcycle is My Weapon comes in glossy black.

The My Motorcycle is My Weapon Jacket is a waterproof textile jacket; with removable armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back. It has plenty of size adjustments for a custom fit, and reflective trim for nighttime visibility. This Textile Motorcycle Jacket has bold graphics on the front, back, and forearm. Check out the Speed and Strength SS1000 and jacket Closeout Sale and other Speed and Strength Gear on our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

My Motorcycle is My Weapon





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