EXO-250: New Helmet from Scorpion

The Scorpion EXO-250 Helmet is the all-new ¾ helmet from Scorpion. The helmet is aerodynamic with some styling cues from Scorpion’s other full-faced and modular helmets. The EXO-250 has been wind tunnel tested and has an aero tuned spoiler that’s going to help keep your head stable while you ride. For ventilation, the EXO 250 has two intake vents and one back exhaust vent. All of the vents are closeable. The helmet comes with a visor to block the sun. In order to remove the visor, Scorpion has taken the speed shift quick change tabs, a popular feature from their full face helmets, and added it to the EXO250. The visor simply needs to be rotated up and back, turn the speed shift nobs located on either side of the helmet, and the visor easily pops right off. The rings that connect the face shield and the visor are made of metal, so they won’t be easily broken like most helmets with plastic tabs. There is a rubber gasket which will provide a nice seal when used with the face shield. It will do a great job of preventing any unwanted water or wind from seeping into the helmet. The interior of the Scorpion EXO-250 is made from their “Kwick Wick Liner”.  It is a moisture wicking material that will absorb sweat to keep you comfortable while riding in warmer weather conditions. The liner is fully removable. The cheek pads are easy to remove, and the sizes can be changed for a more custom fit. The open crown liner provides lots of ventilation along with the inner air channels that will direct air all over the top of the head. Altogether, the Scorpion EXO250 Helmet is a great option for those looking for an open face design helmet.

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