Arai XD4 Helmet

At first glance, The Arai XD4 may look very similar to the XD3, but the XD4 has plenty of upgrades that set it apart from its predecessor. Both helmets are ideal for dual sport, adventure touring, off-road, and long distance riding; and while they have a comparable design, the XD4 has improved ventilation, and an all new shell shape. The shell of the Arai XD-4 is slightly more aerodynamic. It’s made with Arai’s famous complex laminate construction, which is typically found in most Arai helmets. The shell is a fiberglass shell, making very stiff, durable, and able to disperse impacts over large areas of the helmet. The XD4 is Snell 2010 and DOT approved. One thing that makes the XD4 different from the XD3 is that the visor peak is slightly taller, and allows the helmet to flow through the air better. The XD4 is designed for a more up-right riding position, and it has a larger chin bar than the usual full face street helmet. The visor and the face shield are both removable, giving the option to run goggles for off-road riding. Goggles could also fit underneath the face shield. The eye-port of the XD4 is very wide which provides exceptional vision, and open peripheral vision. The face shield mechanism has a dual-cam shield pivot which means the face shield can be raised up and pushed back to keep the shield nice and low. This also helps with aerodynamics. Both the visor and shield can be removed by plastic screws on either side of the helmet, and the shield pops off very easily; making it convenient to swap out or clean. Tinted shields are available, as well as a pin lock ready clear shield with anti-fog capability.

Ventilation is the biggest area of improvement when comparing the XD4 with the XD3. The new built-in brow vents give extra air flow, as well as the chin bar vent, which has been slightly enlarged from the XD3. The chin bar vent is closeable, and adjustable; giving you the option to either direct air straight in towards the mouth, or up towards the face shield to help reduce fogging. There are side intake vents on the chin bar that can be opened or closed. At the base of the chin bar is an extendable chin curtain that can protect against wind and rain. At the top of the helmet, there are two intake vents that function as “air scoops” and function well with the visor. The peak visor will direct air down into the scoops which will pass plenty of air over the top of the head. The rear exhaust vents are another upgrade from the XD3. The cowl vents have additional outlet holes that work to draw warm air out of the helmet. As you ride, a vacuum is formed behind the head and sucks the warm air out. There are static exhaust vents at the base of the helmet that also draw warm air out of the helmet.

Hi-Viz Yellow

The Arai XD4 helmet has Arai’s “dry cool liner” which is made out of a moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry when riding in warmer conditions. The cheek pads have an emergency quick release system, and are very easy to remove. The crown liner is made with an open, dry mesh material, and also has the “dry cool” fabric. There are 5mm tear away pads at the temples that can give you a more custom fit. The cheek pads have facial contour support which not only creates a more comfortable fit, but also generates a seal around the base of the helmet to reduce noise intake and give you a quieter ride. Just like the crown liner, the cheek pads have a 5mm foam layer at the top of the pads that are removable in case you need extra room. If you’re interested in installing a communications system, there is plenty of room after you remove the cheek pads.  The EPS liner is Arai’s “1 piece liner” design. Most helmets will have a couple of pieces each with different densities, but The XD4 has a one piece liner with five different built in densities. This design is great for absorbing energy in the event of an impact. If you are looking for a helmet that can work well for both dual sport and adventure style riding, The Arai XD-4 does an excellent job of functioning well in both worlds.

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