The Icon Compound Jacket & Pants Combo

The Icon Compound Pants and Jacket is available in either a leather and mesh combination or leather and textile. For our review, we’ve looked at the leather and mesh combo. By having both materials you get the benefits of leather protection and the lightness of textiles. The impact areas of the jacket are incorporated with 1.2-1.4mm leather. Leather is one of the most abrasion resistant materials in motorcycle gear, and will give you that little bit of extra protection. For fit adjustments on the jacket, there are stretch panels behind the elbows to prevent binding, and give the rider a good range of movement. There are ratchet style adjustment straps at the waist. The compound over-pants have ratchet adjustments at the waist as well. The Icon Compound Jacket has CE approved armor that runs from the shoulders to the elbows. There is external, molded armor on the back with an articulated back protector, and a dual density back pad inside of the jacket. For ventilation, there are intake scoops at the side of the torso and at the top of the shoulders. The inside of the jacket has a removable quilted liner as well as a non-removable mesh liner, which will provide plenty of air flow when riding in warmer conditions. There is an internal stash pocket for storage, and a pants connection zipper at the base of the jacket to hold the jacket down as you ride.

The Compound Over-pants are designed to be worn over jeans; however, the over-pants do have enough adjustability to be worn without jeans underneath. There stretch panels across the back of the pants, and full length leg zippers to help slip them on or off easily. Just like the jacket, the over-pants are made with a combination of mesh/textile and leather. The Jacket and the Pants are sold separately. Check out the Icon Compound Pants and Jacket on our website:!


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