Check Out Shoei’s Latest Modular Helmet: The Neotec!

The new Shoei Neotec Helmet is the latest advancement in Shoei’s line of modular helmets. Great for long distance touring and commuting, this versatile helmet is loaded with new features, while still maintaining a simple design. The Neotec has most of the features that were first popular in its predacessor, the Multitec, but with many more upgrades. Like the Multitec, the Neotec has an AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell. Because of its blend of fiberglass and other composite materials, this shell is much stronger than those of the typical polycarbonate variety. The chin bar, however, is made of polycarbonate. But, this is still beneficial in that it won’t add extra weight when the chin bar is in the upright position.

There is also a chin bar vent, which helps to reduce fogging and is a feature in the Neotec’s new ventilation system. With a three-position top air scoop that will help to channel air throughout the helmet, and a rear exhaust vent that allows warm air to escape as you ride, all of these features together give the Neotec 270% improved ventilation. As for enhanced visibility, the Neotec has an external CNS-1 shield, which is both taller and wider than the Multitec. It comes with a pin lock, which will create a dual layer shield that reduces fogging. There is also an internal drop down dark smoke visor that is anti-fog coated as well.

Quite a few modular helmets have the issue of not being able to suppress a lot of the excess noise caused by wind, but Shoei has incorporated their Vortex Generator Lip at the edge of the helmet that pushes air away from the gap between the chin bar and the shell. This helps to greatly decrease the amount of wind noise.

The Neotec has plenty of other features such as its fully removable, dry max interior, eyeglass compatibility, and its latching mechanism stainless steel hardware that make it a stellar choice for those in the market for a modular helmet. It has a five-year warrantee, free drop inspection program, and it comes in three different shell sizes and seven different colors.

Be sure to check out all the Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet graphics and colors below!

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