2012 Kilimanjaro Jacket by First Gear

The Kilimanjaro Jacket by First Gear has been one of the most popular jackets for long distance touring riders for years, and the new 2012 design is sure to be a hit as well. The Kilimanjaro has been completely revamped for the new-year with plenty of great features. It’s made with more advanced fabrics and has a more technical fit, but still remains very comfortable and lightweight.

The 2012 First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket has been made with Hypertex; a 400 denir fabric that is breathable, reflective, and waterproof. Most jackets you come across will have a waterproof liner, but the shell of the jacket will still absorb water. The Kilimanjaro has a waterproof shell, causing water to roll off of the surface, doing an even better job of keeping you dry. There is also an integrated rain hood made from a thin, waterproof material that can easily fit underneath your helmet.  You will find in less expensive jackets, that their ventilation will only reach the liner and not your skin. The Kilimanjaro has several vents that not only provide great air circulation but allow the air to reach directly to your skin. There are two shoulder vents with a waterproof zipper and a Velcro flap that can hold the vents open; which is an ideal feature in warm weather. The shoulder vents are made from a mesh material.  There are also two under arm vents and two back exhaust vents. Both are sealed by waterproof zippers.

The shell of the jacket is covered mostly by 400 denir fabric, but the areas of impact (shoulders, elbows, etc.) are covered by a 640 denir fabric that is tougher and more abrasion resistant than the rest of the jacket. The Kilimanjaro is made with d3o armor that is removable and can be adjusted to your liking/ specifications. This armor is light and flexible, but hardens on impact making it both comfortable and durable. For even more protection, there is an EVA foam back pad that can be accessed by a zipper. The Kilimanjaro Jacket has lots of adjustable belts and straps that create a custom fit. There are adjustable waist belts, compression straps that can tighten around the forearm and bicep area; this can minimize flapping, and also adjustable sleeve cuffs that can fit either over or under gauntlet gloves. The collar is lined with a micro fleece material, and secured by a moveable snap that can be tightened or loosened.

The main zipper is covered by a dual storm flap and fastened by snaps. There is a secure document pocket next to the main zipper that is conveniently accessible without having to unzip the jacket. For additional storage, there are also two large chest pockets with internal organizers, lower pockets with flap over, Velcro envelope closures, and hand warmer pockets located directly behind the lower pockets.  All of the pockets are sealed by waterproof zippers, keeping their contents secure and dry. The Kilimanjaro has inner storage as well. There is a cell phone pocket on the left side, and a large storage pocket on the right. Both the shell of the jacket and the liner have their pockets positioned in the same place, keeping the placement of your items consistent whether you choose to wear the jacket with or without the liner. The liner is fully-sleeved and thermal quilted; with an opening for a pants connection zipper to potentially attach the jacket to your pants.

The FirstGear 2012 Kilimanjaro Jacket will definitely be just as popular as its predecessors thanks to its amazing blend of features that provide not only protection, but practicality and comfort. All First Gear products have a two year warranty.

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