The Shoei VFX-W: An Aggressive Helmet, for Aggresive Riders

If you are an off-road rider the Shoei VFX-W is the helmet for you. Whether you’re involved in dual sport, aggressive off road trail riding, enduros, or motor/super/arena cross, this helmet is going to be a great product for you. The shell of the VFX-W has been made using Shoei’s AIM+ (advanced integrated matrix) technology.  It is a combination of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon composite materials for an overall strong, lightweight shell. The helmet has a low center of gravity, making it stable, and it won’t weigh your head down. The VFX-W is manufactured in four unique shell sizes, and five different interior sizes. Typically, lesser helmets will make only one or two shell sizes and will try to compensate the size with the interior lining, but Shoei has provided an opportunity for a safer, more customized fit.

The Shoei VFX-W has a very aggressive shape with aerodynamic features. There are two ridges on the back of the helmet that create the goggle strap area. These ridges are also helpful in the event of an impact. If the back of the helmet is hit, the ridge will spread the force of the blow to a larger area.  The visor has a very aerodynamic shape that causes air to flow cleanly over the helmet. If air is coming up from underneath the visor, there are vents on the top for the air to flow through so that it doesn’t get caught. The VFX-W has Shoei’s “Flow Through” ventilation system which includes various intake vents. There are a few at the top of the eye port that will draw air directly into the helmet. The mouth-guard also brings in plenty of air, and it’s removable; making it easy to clean. And, there are small, steel mesh vents at the side and the top of the helmet.

Other helmets tend to put their friction screws underneath the visor, making it hard to reach, but Shoei puts them at the top for easy access. There is one screw on the top center and two on each side of the visor. This makes it simple to remove and clean.

The VFX-W has what Shoei calls a 3D Max dry liner. It’s called a 3D liner because of its various built-in levels that work together with the “Flow Through” ventilation system to allow air to circulate through and around the liner. It’s made from a breathable mesh material, creating even more optimum air flow. The EPS liner has air ducts that channel air throughout the helmet, and push warm air out at the base. The liner is very easy to remove. Both cheek pads have a red tab that if pulled, will effortlessly remove the pad. This would be very helpful in case of an emergency, if you needed to get the helmet off with little strain on your neck.  The cheek pads are contoured, and manage moisture well.

  Another unique feature about the Shoei VFXW is its fully lined chin bar. Most helmets will have little to no chin bar protection, but the VFX-W is lined with an energy absorbing material for extra protection. It comes in various graphics and solid colors. For white VFX-W models, there is an anti-glare sticker included that will keep reflected light from bothering you while you ride. Ultimately this helmet not only looks great, but it will definitely give you the protection and comfort you need for off-road riding.


Be sure to check out all the Shoei VFX-W Graphics and colors below!

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