The TourMaster Transition 3: A New Spin on an Old Favorite

The design and functionality of the Tourmaster Transition 3 is very similar to the Transition 2. All of the popular elements of the Transition 2 still remain, but TourMaster has added some extra details to make it an even more exceptional riding jacket. TourMaster has put a lot of reflective material on various areas of the jacket giving you extra visibility when riding at night.The chest, back and sleeves, all have reflective material spread throughout.

    The Transition 3 is made of a 600 denir Carbolex material; making the jacket both flexible and light. The areas of impact are covered by 1680 ballistic polyester, with CE approved armor underneath at the elbows and shoulders. There is also an articulated back pad as well. There are plenty of adjustment features on the TourMaster jacket to give you a custom fit. There are size adjustment straps around the waist and snap sleeve take-ups to reduce flapping. The sleeves have velcro adjustable cuffs that could be made to fit either over or under gauntlet gloves. The jacket is ¾ length, has a stretch waist, and is available in tall sizes. Overall, the Tour Master Transition Three provides a very generous fit.

The jacket has various places for storage. There are large dual storage pockets on the chest, front cargo style pockets with envelop enclosures, a several small inner pockets and one large, inner cargo pocket. There are also two lower back pockets that would work well for storing the jacket liner. Each pocket has a waterproof zipper and Velcro closures. The inside of the jacket has a thermal quilted liner that is great for riding in cooler weather. The transition 3 is great for summer rides as well. There are several vents incorporated into the jacket that provide air circulation. Two vents run from the elbow to the neck on each arm of the jacket. Both have a waterproof zipper and Velcro closures. There are small intake vents on the chest, also with a zipper and Velcro closure, and finally, a large back exhaust vent. TourMaster has also included their “pipeline ventilation” which is a pipe passageway through the mid-layer of the jacket, so the vents can reach your skin.  The rain guard barrier acts as a waterproof midliner to protect you if you’re riding in inclement weather.

The Tour Master Transition 3 Jacket is a new spin on an old favorite, and its added features have made it an even more noteworthy riding jacket.


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