Joe Rocket Sonic R Boots

Joe Rocket Sonic R Boots are tall, touring style boots. Ideal for commuting, touring, or aggressive style riding, these waterproof boots will give you the durability you’re looking for, while retaining a comfortable fit. The SonicR Boots have a few sport inspired features such as the replaceable toe sliders. These will give you a little extra protection from wear and tear in those moments when your riding style is more aggressive. The Sonic R Boots have a DryTech Lining. DryTech is Joe Rocket‘s version of Gore-Tex, a breathable, waterproof membrane that will keep the inside of the boots dry. The sole of the boots have smooth profile that won’t get stuck on metal bike pegs. The toe box has a low profile with a reinforced shift pad. For a more custom fit, the Sonic R boots have a Velcro tab adjustment that can adjust to those who want either a tight or loose fit around the calf. There are elastic panels located on the front of the boots and on the back ankle. This gives the boots more flexibility and you won’t have to do much to break them in. The shell of the boot is made of split grain leather with double stitching throughout, and reflective piping for nighttime visibility.


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