Joe Rocket Speed Master 3.0 Boots

The Joe Rocket Speed Master 3.0 boots are boots for the more aggressive rider. Great for street riding, track days, or even for those looking for a little extra protection, this boot is going to give you the coverage you want, while still maintaining a comfortable feel.

The SpeedMaster 3.0 boots are full leather with several metal supports throughout; which make it a lasting, durable boot. There are replaceable magnesium sliders at the toe. This will prevent potential wear typically found in most boots with plastic sliders. The calf sliders at the top of the boot are replaceable as well. Magnesium can be found at the side of the heel cup, and the ankle support is made of titanium. The TPU heel cup gives the boot a strong, reinforced heel. If you crash and come down on your heel, the TPU cup will do a great job of absorbing the impact; preventing injury or damage. There is a TPU shin plate as well.

For ventilation, the Joe Rocket Speed Master boots have certain areas of perforated leather to provide air flow, as well as intake vents towards the calf of the boot. Closed cell foam surrounds the foot and ankle on the inside of the boot, and pushes leather away from the skin; allowing for even more air circulation. The sole of the boot is composed of a soft compound to give you plenty of grip on your bike, and has been incorporated with a TPU shank. This is a molded plastic injected into the boot and reinforced with a steel plate that will provide stiffness and prevent injury.

The SpeedMaster Boots have several adjustment components that give you a custom fit. There is a Velcro attached upper with elastic infused panels for extra flexibility, elastic on the back of the ankle and the front of the boot, and a ratchet adjustment strap around the upper portion of the boot. This strap allows you to have plenty of extra room to adjust for larger calves, or to tuck leathers or jeans into the boot.

Although these boots are not as stiff as higher-end road racing models, there is a positive trade off. The reduced stiffness makes these boots easier to walk around in, and street friendly. They are a great hybrid between a track boot and a street boot, making them a great choice for a rider who’s looking for something sturdy, but still flexible.


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