AirHawk Seat Cushions: Saving Biker’s Backsides

AirHawk is a company owned by Roho, a wheel chair cushion manufacturer. Their wheelchair cushions specifically aimed to get rid pressure sores. AirHawk has taken the same technology and put it into their line of motorcycle seat cushions. The AirHawk comes in three different models: The AirHawk R, The standard AirHawk, and The AirHawk 2. The AirHawk R is slightly different from the other two models because of its shape. The R is made of a neoprene rubber material much like the original AirHawk, whereas the AirHawk 2 is made out of polyurethane. The R also has a no contact center for the tail bone and prostate areas.  The AirHawk R has a unique cut out shape that can accommodate almost any bike, including sport bikes. All of the AirHawk models are easy to inflate/adjust with a simple twist valve. All Airhawks are skid resistant and better at absorbing road vibration than your standard seat. Check out all of the AirHawk products on our website:!

AirHawk 2
AirHawk R

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