Venture’s Heated Pants Liner

A great way to keep your-self warm while riding in cold conditions is by wearing a heated jacket or pants liner. The Venture Heated Pants Liner is great choice because of its comfort and convenience. They’re very easy to slip on and off, and the side leg zippers allow you to put the liner on over boots. A small pocket is located at the bottom of the leg that contains a connection for heated insoles. These insoles can go inside of your riding boots, and they’re a great way to keep your feet warm while riding. There are heating elements located throughout the liner that are made from micro alloy. The micro alloy is very small and difficult to feel, so the liner is still very lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The waist of the pants liner is a stretchable waist, and the closure is a Velcro flap closure with a top button and a zipper. The Venture Pants Liner can be worn in conjunction with a heated vest or jacket, but they are also able to be worn separately. If you decide to wear the pants with the jacket, there is a plug that will connect the two, allowing you to manage the setting of both the pants and the jacket with just the jacket controller. However, should you decide to wear the pants separately, a digital controller is included with the pants. It has four heat settings (low to max). A power-lead wiring harness is also included with the pants liner that will connect to the 12v battery.  For storage there are a few zippered pockets, and the interior is lined with a soft nylon.

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