The Sparx Shotgun Helmet Hits the Mark!

The Sparx Shotgun Helmet is an off-road style helmet perfect for trail riding, ATV’s, or if you’re looking for a budget friendly motocross helmet. The Shotgun has a thermo-composite shell, making it lightweight and strong. There is an extended chin bar to provide plenty of room between the face and chin bar. The eye-port is exceptionally wide, and accommodates almost any goggle size. The visor peak is adjustable, and a spare visor is included with the helmet in the event that it needs to be replaced. There are rear exhaust vents to draw warm air out of the helmet, and the liner is moisture wicking to repel sweat and unwanted moisture. The crown liner is an open design that allows plenty of air flow to cover the top of the head. The liner is completely removable; which is great if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. The Sparx Shotgun Helmet comes in various graphics and solid colors. Check out other merchandise from Sparx on our website at Competition!

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