The MSR X-Pedition: A Helmet Hybrid

For those riders looking for a helmet that can function as both a dirt helmet, and a street helmet, the MSR X-Pedition is the hybrid for you.  Weighing in at 3.35lbs this helmet is lightweight and comfortable. Its poly-alloy plastic shell has nine intake and exit vents, providing excellent airflow and ventilation. There’s a large chin bar vent with a dirt filter that will direct air straight to the mouth and two adjustable intake vents towards the visor peak as well. For exhaust vents, there are two towards the top of the helmet, and four spread across the middle and base of the helmet. One thing that separates the MSR XPedition from a full off-road helmet is its removable, compound curve face shield. The shield is optically correct with no visual distortion. The eyeport is exceptionally large, providing unrestricted vision. There is also a breath deflector to help reduce fogging.  The visor peak is aerodynamic at highway speeds due to the large openings in the visor; that instead of catching air, allow it to have a clean flow over the top of the helmet. The visor is also adjustable. The interior of the X-Pedition is fully removable. The cheek pads are attached by snaps, making them very easy to remove. The crown liner has several openings for better ventilation, and the EPS liner has several different air channels as well. The retail price for the MSR X-pedition is $139.

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