The Nolan N104: A New Contender in the Modular Helmet Market

Front View


The Nolan N104 is an Italian manufactured, premium modular helmet. Its sleek design gives it great visual appeal, but it also has plenty of features that make it a major contender in the modular helmet market.  The Nolan N-104 helmet has unrestricted visibility.  With its extra-large eye port and wide peripherals, you’re sure to have excellent vision while riding. The face shield has a center-front locking mechanism that makes a tight seal around the gasket, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted air or weather elements seeping through.  The N-104 Helmet has an internal, anti-fog, anti-scratch interior visor that is slider operated for easy access. A pin lock insert is also included. The pin lock is another fog prevention tool that creates a dual pane effect on the face shield.The interior of the Nolan N104 is eyeglasses compatible.

The chin bar has a dual action release. This release mechanism is a safety precaution that makes it harder for the chin bar to be unintentionally raised, or accidentally triggered in an impact or collision. To raise the chin bar, Nolan uses what they call their “Elliptical Trajectory Pivot”. This raises the chin bar up and back keeping it close to the helmet while in the raised position. There is also a locking mechanism which can securely keep the chinbar in the raised position.

For ventilation, the N104 uses Nolan Helmets “air booster system”. This includes two top intake scoops, a RAM air scoop located at the top of the helmet, a brow vent, and two rear exhaust vents. The RAM air scoop is able to be adjusted by a slider switch that controls not only the air scoop but the brow vent as well. The rear exhaust vents create a vacuum behind the head that draws out warm air. There is also a chin bar vent that pushes air up onto the face shield.

Rear View

One unique characteristic about the Nolan N-104 is the reflective piping that runs along the edge of the chin bar, and also at the base of the neck roll (the neck roll is removable). This is great for giving the rider some extra nighttime visibility. There are stainless steel latches that keep the chin bar secure when in the lowered position.  The Nolan 104 is compatible with the N-Comm B4 Communication System, making it very easy to install; and there are speaker pockets behind the cheek pads.

The interior of the helmet is completely removable. It is lined with Nolan’s “Climate Comfort Pad” interior. This lining is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and uses silver salt technology that absorbs and wicks moisture away from the skin.

Check out the Nolan N 104 Helmet, and other Nolan Helmet products at our website


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