Sparx Helmets: Rider Tested, Budget Approved

Sparx Helmets is a great brand for riders looking for a quality product at a budget-friendly price. Their line of products includes a wide range of helmets from open face, to full face, to even off-road styles; and each model sells for under $200 retail. All of Sparx Helmets have a thermo-composite, polycarbonate shell, and they are all DOT approved. The S-07, Tracker, Helios, Nexus, and Shotgun helmets are also ECE 2205 approved (European Standard). Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each helmet.


Pearl Iris



The Pearl is a basic, open face helmet available in several different graphics and colors. It comes with a snap on visor and goggles. Retail or the Pearl is $95-$130



The S-07 is a full face street helmet. It has a face shield with built in brow vents for ventilation, as well as non-adjustable intake vents on the top of the helmet, and exhaust vents on the back. Retail is$109-$165





The Tracker has a full face design with a drop down internal sun visor, a great feature if your rides go from day to night. Retail is $150-$165.







The Helios is a modular helmet that gives you the convenience of an open face helmet, with the safety of a full face helmet. There are a couple vents for air intake. The Helios also comes with a drop down internal sun visor.  Retail is around $160





The Nexus is a dual sport helmet. It is a hybrid between a full, off-road helmet and a street helmet. It comes with a visor peak and a face shield as well. Retail is $165-$175.









The Shotgun is an off-road helmet, great for trail riding, motocross, or ATV riding. It has a wide eye-port that accommodates almost any goggle size, and an adjustable visor peak. Retail is $130-$140.









Each Sparx Helmet has a five year warranty, and is protected by Sparx’ Crash Helmet Program. In the event that you crash, if you send Sparx the police report and a brief write up about how the helmet served you in the crash, they will replace your helmet with the exact model or a similar model absolutely free! Each of these helmets comes in a variety of graphics and colors. For more details on a specific helmet, check out our website:

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