Wheel Jockey Makes Chain Maintenance a Breeze!


Wheel Jockey Big Boy

Standard Wheel Jockey

The Wheel Jockey is a clever little tool that can prop up your bike allowing you to do not only chain maintenance, but also makes wheel cleaning easy as well. The Wheel Jockey comes in two sizes: the standard Wheel Jockey Tire Rotator and the Wheel Jockey Big Boy. The standard is about four and a half inches long and is rated to support up to 750lbs. The Big Boy is for heavier motorcycles like cruisers and touring bikes. It’s eight inches long, and supports up to 950lbs. Both models are easy to store, and could conveniently fit in either a tank bag or underneath your seat if you have room. Both models function the same way. There are two sealed roller bearings that go underneath whichever wheel you want to service. With the bike in neutral, you roll your bike onto the Wheel Jockey and rest your bike on the side-stand. The anti-skid rubber bottom will ensure that your bike will stay in place. The Wheel Jockey is a great tool that will give you plenty of access to your wheels for your maintenance needs, and packs up easy so you can take it on the road. Perfect for bikes without center stands, or just to make your life a little bit easier when cleaning your wheels. Check out Wheel Jockey on CompetitionAccessories.com!

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