The Nolan N-85 Helmet: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Nolan Helmets does a great job of creating quality products at an affordable price, and the Nolan N-85 Helmet is no exception. Its aerodynamic shape, polycarbonate shell, and top-rate ventilation system definitely make it a stand out from its competitors.

The ventilation system includes a chin bar vent with a honey-comb style metal grill, two air scoops, and a spoiler/ rear wing. The air scoops are on the top of the helmet in a convenient, and easy to reach location. They are also fairly low to the helmet; causing your ride to be slightly less noisy. The air scoops are retractable, and have a RAM air design, which helps to push air into the helmet. The EPS liner has several channels to help air flow throughout the helmet for even more coverage. The “rear wing” will help to keep the helmet stable. An area of low pressure will be formed at the back of the helmet that will draw warm air out; keeping you cool as you ride.

    For better visibility, The Nolan N85 helmet comes with an easy access internal anti-fog coated sun visor. Also, the helmet comes with a pin-lock lens. The pin-lock will create a dual pane effect, which will greatly reduce fogging.  The face shield of the N-85 is very easy to remove which is a great perk if you want to either clean or replace the shield.

The interior of the helmet is lined with Nolan’s “Clima Comfort” Liner. This is a waterproof material that absorbs/manages moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable during warmer rides. There is a chin curtain included that will not only act as extra insulation for cooler weather, but will also reduce how much wind comes up under the chinbar. The liner for the Nolan N85 is completely removable, and Nolan uses extra foam around the base of the liner to help keep the N85 nice and quiet.

The chin strap of the Nolan N85 is a European-style ratchet strap. The strap is easy to use and will remain fastened and secure. The N85 is compatible with the N-com B4 Communication System. There is a cut out underneath the helmet liner that makes it very easy to install.

Check out the Nolan N-85 Helmet and other Nolan Helmet products at our website



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