New NCom B4 Communication System for Nolan N104 Complete Bluetooth Kit

Ncom B4 Blue Tooth SystemImagine being out on the road with a group of friends, everyone has smart phones but other than hand signals how do you tell them what you need to say? Now with the all new N-Com B4 communication system for Nolan N104 Now, you can stay connected with your riding party out on the road. Connect to your bluetooth devices or link up between drivers so you can communicate instructions or directions without having to stop.  Nolan NCom Communication Systems make traveling in a group or with a passenger much easier, and let you have a stress free ride. It’s not just for communication but for music as well.

The NCom B4 is the revolutionary new Nolan N-Com communication system, specifically designed for the N104 helmet. The quick innovative installation system mounts B4 Instalation Imagebetween the helmet shell and EPS liner by simply releasing the shell sealing edge and inserting the n-com® B4. Traveling by motorbike is now all the more pleasant: with B4 it is possible to communicate with 4 motorbikes up to 500 meters (in open terrain, with no obstacles), listen to the integrated FM radio, and set up the system easily with your PC from home.



2 thoughts on “New NCom B4 Communication System for Nolan N104 Complete Bluetooth Kit

  1. Good Morning!
    I would like to know if the Nolan N-com B4 communication system kit has all i need For all the comunications options you offer or I need to buy any thing else
    Juan Fernandez


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