New Spidi Boots and Jackets at Indy Dealer Expo 2012

Spidi has just released a new lineup of boots and gear for 2012. Check out the products and short video below

The XPD X-Ultra WR Shoe is a top of the range shoe for sport and street bike riding. A great product for summer riding. External vented microfiber and 3D inner mesh for easier transpiration. Boots come with a composite insole and reinforced areas made of polyurethane on heel, malleolus and shift padding. Shock absorbing heel protection with rubber sliders. Laces and Velcro closures make sure you get a nice and secure fit. Vulcanized rubber sole for touring use with reflex areas.


The XPD X-Style Boot is a new style for the mixed urban, touring use. This mid boot is perfect for short range tours and the everyday, urban use and is suitable for maxi scooters, touring and roadster bikes alike. Waterproof, breathable and windproof H2Out membrane makes this boot stand out from the rest. The boot is constructed of high tenacity 6.6 Nylon and cowhide with wide elastic composite areas to better suit ankle movement. Micrometric fastening system and reinforcement supports on the toe and heel finish off this great everyday touring boot.


The XPD XP-5S WRS Boot is a high comfort level racing boot. Made of vented microfiber, is the ideal racing boot for summer use. Microfiber external material, mesh net with high abrasion resistance, and a suede inner side of the boot are used in the construction. There is a grip rubber profile around shin area to avoid leather suits misplacement and shin lateral sliders. For protection this boot has shock absorber structure made of polyurethane with vents on shin, malleolus, heel and aerodynamic rear fin, new ankle protectors, slider supporting tip area with gear shift padding, stainless steel sliders, and Rounded, anti-skid, racing sole made of vulcanized rubber. The boot stays secure on your foot with the use of a zipper on the lateral opening and velcro fastening systems.


The XPD VR6 Boot is the perfect boot for sport and sport touring riders. A combination of extreme racing solution and the comfort of a tourer boot. The VR6 boot is constructed of a vented 1.5mm Lorica outer shell and 3.3mm suede inner side of the boot to grip bike which is heat and abrasion resistant. For protection the VR6 has polyurethane sliders, a shock absorbing structure made of polyurethane on the shin, malleoulus and heel, polyurethane shifter protector, and vulcanized rubber sole with race engraving and slider friendly rounded edges.

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