Wheel Jockey Video Review

Wheel Jockey makes on the fly chain maintenance and wheel cleaning a breeze. Whether you are on a road trip on in your garage, Wheel Jockey makes accessing all parts of your wheel and chain much easier, without the need for special stands or other bulky equipment.

  • Sealed ball bearing movement
  • Lifts wheel less than 1.5″ off the ground
  • Come in 2 sizes, Original size: 4″ x 4.5″ & Big Boy size: 4″ x 8″
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
  • Non-skid backing

Check out our Wheel Jockey Video Review below!

Rules of the Road When Using Wheel Jockey

  • Always exercise caution and common sense
  • Make sure the motorcycle engine is switched off at all times
  • Always try and keep one hand on the bike when rotating the wheel
  • When possible, enlist the aid of a friend to help further stabilize the bike

Check out our Wheel Jockey Tire Rotators on our website today!

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