Spidi DPS Airbag Vest Video Review

The Spidi DPS Airbag Vest is an advanced form of neck protection for the serious rider. For on road, off road, and track riding, the Spidi DPS Airbag system is designed to be worn over your regular riding gear. A tether is then attached to your bike, and in the event of an accident, the airbag deploys in just 0.2 seconds. Once inflated, the airbag acts as a neck brace, helping to prevent your neck from being wrenched too far forward, backwards, or to the sides.

The concept of airbags has saved many lives in car accidents but the inherent vulnerability of the motorcyclist is difficult to address. The recent introduction by Spidi of an airbag type vest is worth some consideration for those who wish to minimize the risks as the jacket contains several different innovations designed to reduce bodily damage in the happenstance of getting rubber-side-up.

  • Designed to be worn over track suits or jackets
  • Helps prevent neck related injuries
  • Inflates in 2 tenths of a second
  • If airbag is not damaged in crash, it can be reset by installing a new C02 cartridge

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