New Spidi Glove Lineup Announced!

Spidi T-Road Gloves
Spidi T-Road Gloves are nicely styled short cuff gloves that are extremely comfortable. The Spidi T-Road gloves use stretch materials and panels to keep your hands comfortable and mobile while you ride. Check out our Spidi T-Road Gloves Video Review below!

Spidi STR-2 H2OUT Gloves
Spidi STR-2 H2OUT Gloves feature Spidi’s H2OUT liner, a waterproof fabric that is incredibly strong, and is also windproof and breathable. The Spidi STR-2 Gloves are lined with a 60g microfleece for comfort and warmth. Check out our Spidi STR-2 H2OUT Gloves Video Review below!

Spidi Motorrad Gloves
The Spidi Motorrad Glove is a very high quality glove, made with a combination of cowhide, textile, and goat leather. Spidi Motorrad Gloves are a great option for those looking for high quality gloves with a good mix of comfort and protection. Check out our Spidi Motorrad Gloves Video Review below!

Spidi Carbo Track Gloves
The all new Spidi Carbo Track glove is one of the most technical gloves we sell here at Competition Accessories. With carbon fiber knuckles, Warrior Technology armor, and top quality full grain leather construction, the Spidi Carbo Track gloves are a perfect fit for track or aggressive street riding. Check out our Spidi Carbo Track Gloves Video Review below!

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