HJC RP Max Helmet Announced!

RP Max: The First modular helmet with the styling & look of a full-face sport bike helmet: Extremely compact for aerodynamics and styling

Just announced!  The new HJC RP Max helmet is an all new modular helmet from HJC.  The RP Max takes the technology of the HJC RPS-10 full face helmet and brings it to a flip up design.  The Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix) shell is a high end blend of carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass, resulting in a very strong, lightweight helmet.  The RP Max weighs in at right around 3.5 lbs (3.45lbs small, 3.55lbs medium) – incredibly light for a modular helmet.  The HJC RP Max also takes it’s styling queues from the RPS-10, with a very sleek, compact design usually reserved for more sport and track oriented helmets.

With extensive wind tunnel research, HJC has developed the RP Max to be an extremely quiet helmet.  With tested sound levels of 84dB at 62.5mph, this helmet should rival even the quietest full face helmets when it comes to wind noise.  Of course a major factor when it comes to wind noise is aerodynamics.  With a sleek shell inspired from the RPS-10, the RP Max is definitely one of the more aggressive shapes that we have seen in a modular design.  The rear aero wing provides increased stability at speed while also incorporating rear exhaust vents.  RP Max helmets use HJC’s Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, which directs intake air throughout the helmet and gets hot air out.

The last stand out feature that we see in the HJC RP Max are the optics.  The internal HJ-V7 sun shield looks like it is using the same drop down mechanism found on other HJC modulars, providing a convenient sun shade when necessary.  The HJ-25 face shield comes pinlock ready, and includes a clear pinlock insert for anti fog duty.  Another feature we are seeing brought over from the RPS-10 is the central shield locking mechanism.  A small tab in the center of the face shield pulls the shield down nice and tight against the gasket, providing a good seal against the elements and wind noise.  Push up with your thumb and the lock is released.  After riding with the RPS-10 for over a year I can tell you that it is a nice addition to the helmet. This is the same as the HJC R-Pha Max in Europe.

We are looking forward to getting our first look at the new HJC RP Max helmet, stay tuned for an in depth product review and video!

  • Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix) Carbon Fiber, Aramid and Fiberglass: Remarkably strong shell and extremely lightweight. Designed for superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • HJC’s lightest modular helmet ever designed! Size Small weighs in at 1565 grams (± 45g)
  • One-touch Integrated Sunshield: Three position adjustable Smoke Tinted Sunshield
  • Optional tinted Sunshields available (HJ-V7)
  • Extremely quiet helmet at even high speeds
  • Helmet tested at HJC’s wind tunnel laboratoryfor wind noise level: Noise level of 84dB at 62.5 MPH
  • For the perfect and compact dimensions, RP Max is composed of 3 unique shell sizes for the perfect fit and aerodynamics
  • First modular helmet with the styling & look of a full-face sport bike helmet: Extremely compact for aerodynamics and styling
  • Superior Fog Resistant Clear Pinlock® Max Vision shield comes complete with a Clear Pinlock® Insert
  • Innovative Center shield locking mechanismfor a balanced, ultra-secure seal
  • RapidFire™ shield replacement system: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool less removal and installation for efficient operation. (HJ-25)
  • 2-Stage shield closure mechanism; Compresses shield into eye port gasket providing an extremely secure seal
  • “ACS” Advanced channeling ventilation system
  • Full Front to Back Airflow Flushes Heat & Humidity Up & Out
  • Cool4ever™ Interiors: Lightweight, moisture wicking, anti bacterial, odor free removable cheek pads and liner
  • Innovative New Interior Fabric with Self-Cooling Properties: Cools down faster than other fabrics
  • Meets or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards

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