Arai XD-4 Helmet Video Review

The New Arai XD4 Solid Helmets are finally here. The Arai XD4 Helmet is the new model that is replacing the XD3 helmet. The Arai XD series is a favorite amoung Dual Sport and Adventure riders because of the very low weight, extensive safety features and comfort. Now Arai is pushing the envelope by improving the widely popular Arai XD3 with the Arai XD4 Helmet.

Features of the New Arai XD4 Solid Helmets:

  • The XD4 uses an completely shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds
  • Improved fit with New comfort headliner, with micro fitting 5mm peel away temple pads
  • The XD-4 has a removable/replaceable/washable Interior. Including the head liner, cheek pads and chin strap covers
  • The Arai XD4 uses Dry-Cool technology to keep the rider dry and cooler
  • New FCS (facial contour support) cheek pad design with 5mm peel away micro fit feature
  • New exhaust ports were added to the top diffuser vents
  • New chin vent with more intake ports
  • Plus, larger sculpted side cowl vents improve ventilation

Check out our Arai XD-4 Helmet video review below!

Be sure to check out all the Arai XD-4 Models:

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